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LOVE painting infinite.
EVOL painting infinite.
LIFE painting infinite.
EFIL painting infinite.
SEX painting infinite.
XES painting infinite.
DEATH painting infinite.
HTAED painting infinite.

The Bio-AI Word Series. 


This series of paintings explores the possibilities of the interplay between human creativity and intelligence, and the algorithmic chaos, as non-human decision making plays an ever-bigger role in our lives making our lives ever more unpredictable and uncontrollable by a human mind.


A randomizing algorithm was utilized to help me create sequences of some of the most important words in our lives -Love, Life, Sex, Death, in the compositions of five or six each with the aim to arrive at a different sequence every time a new grouping would come out both in the positive and negative depiction of the word.


The ensued sequences were painted on long strips of wallpaper exactly as they were presented back to me by this early incarnation of artificial intelligence both with the idea of using manufactured means in making this series and as a testament to an interplay between the artificial and biologically originated.

Acrylic on wallpaper.

Sizes vary slightly and average at 630cm x 69cm (247"x 27").

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