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Zemin Art Space

Urbanstraße 3, 10961 Berlin

June 13 - June 20, 2024

"Street Love Beauty Home"

Inspired by the dreams, lives, and ever-changing loves and tragedies of Berlin, the dreamlike and near-death experiences surround us daily and that are often impossible to tell apart. Getting lost in the space between beauty and darkness is part of the process and a rite of passage.


Painted with industrial acrylic paints on strips of grey wallpaper, utilizing the ubiquitous visual palette of neon-orange and green safety vests and orange trash cans this series is an exploration of the interplay between danger and safety, openness and withdrawal, our desire to be seen and be part of the conversation, and the fear of the unknown beyond our familiar surroundings.


The paintings are presented in the forms of a filmstrip and a contact sheet patterns to signify the passage of time and transformation along the narrative process. They were originally painted on one strip of wallpaper, akin to film key frames, later separated into individual images. However unrelated they might seem at first glance; the images create a loose sequence, developing into a narrative between the elements.

Transitional painting.
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